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MotionDAO is a collective of interdisciplinary artists exploring the intersection of art, movement, embodiment and the blockchain.

MotionDAO tries to generate contexts for experimentation with blockchain technologies and its affordances for economic redesign and financial innovation. 

August 4 (6pm -9pm): MotionDAO in Residency Opening 

August 5 (6pm): Spirituality, embodiment and nature 
MotionDAO CanadaHub: Chimerik’s We Were One Project 
Project Description:

"We Were One” is a dance research project focused on the intersections of movement art, spirituality, technology and queerness. By investigating ancestral rituals, energy practice, shamanic channeling and somatic-sensation research we are able to access a deeper understanding of human connections and potentials. It is a story that encourages us to look into our own wisdom, from our subtle body, compassionate ancestors, teachers and our higher mind. This is a way to deal with the inevitable trauma from the past, to acknowledge and heal our interconnections with all existence…”
More info here:

August 5 (8pm) Open Discussion: Spirituality, embodiment and nature 

August 6 (6pm -7:30pm): Play the board game Currency Lab
Project Description:

We'll play the board game "Currency Lab" to interactively learn about alternative currencies and how they can bring much needed diversity and resilience to the money system we have today - a vast "money monoculture" bad for both the global economy and the planet. 
The game rules encourage engagement, providing challenges which must be counterpointed by choosing and creating strategies. The efficacy of the strategies is not predefined, but instead negotiated among the players, who pose and answer questions and refine their plans together. 
The challenges and strategies draw inspiration from examples of real alternative currencies from the past and present, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, mutual credit rings like the Swiss WIR and local currencies like the Brixton Pound.


August 6 (9pm): Chimerik’s 003_playback 9 pm

Project description:

Centred around technology, looping and real-time manipulation, 003_playback is a participatory, movement exploration presented through a web-coded, live-streaming platform. Throughout the work, audience members vote to decide the sound, lighting and how the movement will be altered each round. The performers then respond to these real-time choices made by the online participants, via visual playback. Drawing from video games and simulation theory, this interactive piece explores the many potential timelines we constantly navigate between and how each decision can have a ripple effect, constantly shifting the current reality. Framed as performance-as-research, 003_playback, investigates how surveillance, control, and agency actively play with our human experience.

August 7 (6pm): Virtual Live Art Research 
Project Description:

Artists and arts organizations presenting live art have struggled to adjust to the conditions of a new (and forced) digital world. Recent attempts to present work via single-view, digital live stream have proven unsuccessful for producers and unpalatable to audiences. There is an urgent need to break from the “traditional stage” mentality and reconceptualize storytelling and presentation of live art. However, most artists and arts organizations are restricted by modest budgets, small capacity and limited technological knowledge to investigate solutions.
The aim of this project is to research and implement new innovative digital models to support creative solutions for live-art presentations online through the use of adaptive technology and software. Due to the pandemic, the format of live-art is being challenged. This digital model will bridge a gap for live-art presenters and practitioners  by creating a new creative process beyond the paradigm of film making and live-broadcasting. We aim to honour the power of liveness, interdisciplinary and active experience without the conventional physical presence.


August 7 (8pm): New Digital Economy for Live Art Makers 

What are some of the new producing strategies for live-art makers with the blockchain technology that brings financial innovations?

August 8 (6pm – 9pm): MotionDAO remote sharing series/Presence 

  • Amber Ortega Queer Be-Longing film (a look at queer Chicana lesbian relationships and belonging vs un-belonging)

  • Victor Morales: the future of spanglish and the the majorities in NYC in the year 2055. LatinoFuturismo. 

  • Tatiana da Rosa and Lenara Verle, HubMotionBR (Brazil) - Performative Onboarding.

  • Aniba Zorrilla: remote performance in Isadora + live performance

  • InTAD's performance at Documenta:

Link to doc of the performance: InTAD's performance at Documenta

August 9 (6pm - 9pm): Fluid Motion: open space for any new ideas and creative sharing 

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